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In today’s increasingly knowledge-driven economy, talent is the new capital. We accordingly furnish our esteemed clients with important and insight-driven business solutions for Executive Search, Recruitment, Temp Staffing, Corporate Trainings, HR and Compliance and of course, RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). We offer wide-ranging manpower solutions across mid and senior levels across different functional areas. We also deal with multiple functional verticals distributed across the industry.  Read More

Our Vision

People aka Human Beings are at the heart of everything that we do and aspire to achieve. Our aim is to thus partner Clients and Candidates alike in their search for achievements, growth and prosperity and thus become an inseparable part of the all those lives that have been touched by our services.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to combine the swiftness and breakthrough solutions that technology can provide with the innate knowledge, drive and hunger to excel of human beings to help drive and sustain companies so that the world may benefit at large.

Our Logo

The Perfman HR logo has been inspired by the omnipresent wi-fi symbol that signifies inter-connectedness of knowledge-workers across boundaries with the help of modern technology. At the same time, when seen through the prism of human resource, our symbol personifies a human being with arms outstretched thus giving expression to every person’s aspirations for higher achievements, growth and prosperity.

Why Perfman HR


“Our executive search expertise is dedicated to the prosperity of our Clients”

In today’s economic environment, companies with the best talent win. Likewise in our own company, we employ, nurture and retain the best talent to work for you. Our extensive database combined with real-time mapping and headhunting in diverse sectors has made it easier for us to formulate result-driven strategies with the fastest TAT. Read More

Our Culture

The promoters of Perfman HR have created and nurtured a young and vibrant team who have consistently proved their mettle time and again in the face of the most challenging Human Capital positions and have made a positive impact that have far exceeded even our most demanding Client’s expectations. At our workplace we inculcate the perfect unison of knowledge, innovation, values, technology, recognition and motivation. As we have experts hailing from different backgrounds, we are very client-centric. Every individual is given space and liberty to form her / his own opinions and search strategies and has the liberty to voice her / his own opinion for increasing efficiency and bettering innovation.

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