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Personality and Subconscious Energy

Positive Personality Vs Negative PersonalityHave you ever met someone on the street and immediately felt comfortable with that person? Conversely, has anyone ever  snubbed you the wrong way before you even had the chance to meet them? What causes this? Often it is their personality and  the subconscious energy they emit.
Subconscious energy can be described as waves of power that can’t be seen, but can certainly be felt. Each of us, whether we  choose to acknowledge it, is a transmitter of energy. How we feel about ourselves and our lives determines the frequency of  energy that we  release. People who are happy in life and proud of who they are have an unmistakable glow about them that  an be understood, even without them talking. Conversely, those who are depressed and ashamed walk around with a “cloud” over their head.
In job hunting, and in life in general, how you feel about yourself and your situation will absolutely determine the frequency  of energy that you produce. That energy will significantly impact the type of people you attract in your life and the quality of  life that you live.
What Level of Energy Are You Broadcasting?
If you have gone from one bad job to another or one bad relationship to another, perhaps you should question the feelings  ou have about your life and about you. Your energy is like a radio. When you tune into Big FM or Radio Mirchi you are tuning into a  station that is transmitting at that frequency. Everyone else in town who tunes into that same frequency will hear the same station.
In subconscious energy, when you are broadcasting depressed, frustrated, and insecure waves, you will only attract others  into your life who are tuned into those same negative frequencies. On the other hand, if you make a conscious decision to be  proud of yourself, and to cherish all the positive things you have in life, you’ll attract people who are winners and who will  ant  o help you in your pursuit of the ideal job. The energy you transmit will impact your entire job search from networking to job interviewing.

Sonal Aurora is director and co-founder of one of the Top 10 Executive Search Firms in India. Perfman HR is a premier HR Consulting & Recruitment Company Founded in Mumbai, India. We are an inventive and dynamic Human Resource Company specializing in Executive Search, Performance Management, Assessments, Recruitments, Training, Learning & HR Solutions.

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