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Why You Must Blow Your Trumpet Loud In A Job Interview

Personal and Job-Related Accomplishments

job interview tips Accomplishments are quantifiable results that you have achieved throughout your life and career. This provides an objective insight into your abilities and achievements. Interviewers often use accomplishments both as a way to  differentiate one candidate from another, as well as a means to justify their decisions based on emotion. Energy can’t be seen, it is only felt. That energy often stimulates emotions, either in a positive or a negative way,  within the interviewer. An interviewer may feel very enthusiastic about you without exactly knowing why, and to justify this  excitement, he or she will often use your accomplishments as a means to logically explain his or her feelings.

Accomplishments Generate Interest Throughout the Job Hunt

Because energy has no bounds, it flows into your resumes, into your cover letters, and into your networking and interviews.  This energy will always stimulate emotions within anyone encountered. As early as possible in your job-hunting process,  you’ll want to articulate your many accomplishments. You’ll find that the more accomplishments you identify, building your  confidence, the more positive your energy frequency will be. Once you have created a list of accomplishments, you can draw from it in everything from your resumes to your interviews. As with personality, there are two categories of  accomplishments: personal and job-related.

1. Personal accomplishments summarize achievements of your life outside of  work. Examples may include charitable activities, community service, offices held, and sports championships.

2. Work-related accomplishments demonstrate successes you’ve had on the job. Achievements such as getting a great  eview, making the “100- Percent Club,” winning a company award, being featured in a corporate magazine, reducing expenses by 25 percent, and receiving job promotions are all examples of job-related accomplishments.

What  accomplishments have you achieved? Focus on those accomplishments that are most applicable for the positions you are  seeking and those that are most quantifiable. Saying you reduced costs is a great accomplishment. But, what makes that  ccomplishment even stronger is if you can say you reduced costs by 15 percent resulting in saving over Rs 1oo crores. Now  that’s an accomplishment that will make an interviewer drool with excitement.

Insider Tip

When interviewers say, “Tell me about yourself,” what they are
really looking for are the aspects of your personality, both general and
work-related, and if they make you the most viable candidate for the

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