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Why You Must Spell Out Your Work Related Skills

Work Related Skills While accomplishments focus on quantifiable results you have already achieved, work-related skills demonstrate what you can do in the future. This is an important category for potential employers because it is your skill set that shows whether or not you have the tools and aptitude to succeed once on the job. Interviewers may love your personality, and be impressed by your accomplishments, but if they don’t think you have the right tools to succeed, they won’t hire you.

With this in mind, it is absolutely critical that you take the time to summarize the work-related skills you possess. When articulating your skills, there are two areas you should consider: your cognitive (thinking) skills and your functional skills (what you can do).

1. Cognitive skills describe the capabilities of your mind and personality and provide insight into your thought process. Examples of cognitive skills include problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and creative skills.

2. Functional skills describe what you are physically capable of doing on the job. Examples of functional skills include, managing people, reducing  expenses, implementing computer rollouts, developing budgets, quality control, report generation, large account sales, graphic design, and customer service.

Those of you who don’t have work experience should focus more on your cognitive skills than functional. If you have experience, then employers will most likely focus more heavily on your functional abilities. Regardless of what position you will interview for, interviewers will expect to see some sort of evidence that you have the skills and aptitude necessary to perform effectively on the job.

Demonstrate Quantifiable Evidence of Your Skills

If you think you possess a particular skill, prepare some examples of results from your previous experience to prove your case. Interviewers are going to expect you to provide proof of your claims. So it’s best to be prepared. Let’s say you believe that you have phenomenal selling skills. Evidence such as, “Grew sales by double-digits during the last fiscal year” or “Achieved quota three years in a row” would be appropriate.

If you have a unique ability to reduce expenses, include the amount by which you reduced expenses in your previous job, such as, “Went out for bid and saved the corporation $10,000” or “Implemented a new phone system allowing the company to reduce staff by 10 percent and save more than $75,000 per year.”

If you have fantastic management skills, then give examples such as, “Reduced employee turnover by 25 percent” and “Increased productivity by 14 percent.”

Insider Tip
When managers create a position, they compile a list of criteria that they would like to see in an ideal candidate. Work-related skills typically are the foundation for this list.

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