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Why Gratitude Is The Easiest Way to Establish Positive Energy

Gratitude is powerful. One of the best ways to change negative energy into positive is to focus on those things in life for which  you are most thankful. Often, in life, we can take things for granted. Just being able to walk is something to be grateful for. How many people out there are disabled and unable to simply walk up a flight of stairs? If I fall into the trap of feeling sorry for  yself,    lace my emphasis on gratitude instead of frustration and disappointment, and it doesn’t take long to snap out of it. In job  unting it’s easy to fall into a trap of doom and gloom. After all, there are many others who are more than happy to join you in  hat trap. Instead, focus on all of the good things in your life.
Rather than focusing on your lack of a job, or a rejection you just encountered, think about positives such as having a family  and  good friends, having your health, having love in your life, or having experienced wonderful things.
Try Starting Each Day by focusing on Gratitude
Get into the habit of every morning articulating at least five things in your life for which you are grateful.  You can pick any five. Just be genuine in what you choose. When you start each day with gratitude, you’ll tune into a positive  frequency that’ll attract success and happiness in your life and your job hunt. It sure beats waking up “on the wrong side of the  bed.” When I start my days thinking about the good in life, I almost always have a great day. When I forget to do this, it is  amazing  how many distractions, roadblocks, and frustrations pop up.

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