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How To Convert Your Strengths and Competencies Into A Job Offer

Highlight Your Strengths and CompetenciesBy identifying your strengths and competencies, you will be taking a major step towards a successful job search, and, hopefully, you are feeling better about yourself and your abilities. However, identifying your positive attributes is only half the battle. Where the true salesmanship comes into play is in your ability to translate how your strengths and competencies will benefit your potential employers.

Think about some of the jobs for which you might want to interview. Put yourself in the shoes of an interviewer. If you were the interviewer, what kind of strengths and competencies would you want your ideal candidates to possess? Why? Then, think about how these skills and aptitudes would benefit the company in relation to the other candidates having those skills and aptitudes. What would you come up with?

On your interviews, not only are you going to have to relate your strengths and competencies, you are going to have to convert them into selling points that will make companies want to hire you!

Insider Tip

Your key selling points and their related benefits are what interviewers are looking for when they ask, “Why should I hire you over other candidates I am considering?”

If You Are About To Graduate From College. (learn more about internships here)

A success might be how you led a group to recieving high score on a class project. Your selling points might be your leadership skills and your ability to work as a team player. The benefit may be that you’ll be easily integrated into the company and will work well with others.

Perhaps you are certified in Java. How does that make you different from other programmers? Why is that certification beneficial to the company interviewing you? Maybe you developed a Website for a class or organization. Selling points here could be your knowledge of Web design and your ability to manage projects; a benefit may be your ability to make an immediate contribution. Were you in charge of your college festival fund-raiser? If so, you exhibited leadership when coordinating people for a common effort. You exhibited creativity when forming the idea that raised funds. It took teamwork to achieve a goal. You were successful in that you raised more money than ever before. You were marketing savvy when drawing so many people; and demonstrated your sales skills to get those people to participate and donate. A
benefit may be your ability to generate new sales and marketing programs. Get the idea?

Work Experience

If you have work experience, recall accomplishments from your current and previous jobs. How about the time you turned that irate customer into a happy customer, saving a huge order? Maybe you were given an excellent appraisal. How about the note you received from a coworker who was grateful for your help on a project? What about the fact that you made quota three years in a row? Maybe it was your creative efforts that helped reduce accounts receivables by 20 percent. Or maybe you excelled and won a corporate award.

Whatever your strengths and competencies, quantify how this experience will help benefit the company looking to hire you.
Come up with a minimum of four strengths and competencies and generate at least one key selling point for each one. From that selling point, quantify what the benefit will be to the company. Ask yourself, Why does that strength or competency
make me the most qualified candidate?

For example, let’s say you are a plant supervisor. Perhaps one of your strengths is that you are a great cost cutter. First come up with a quantifiable example: “I cut the cost of manufacturing by 25 percent on XYZ product for ABC Company.”
Now, summarize the selling point in terms that would be applicable to the job for which you are interviewing. In this case, your selling point would be your ability to reduce manufacturing costs.

Finally, articulate the benefits that the company will receive (the “so what”). Why should the company care about this selling point? Here is an example: “If I saved you just 10 percent of your cost of manufacturing, the savings alone would
more than pay my salary.”

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