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How To Define The Exact Type Of Job That Interests You

Amazing Jobs Best Jobs In The WorldThe best way to do this is to look at your list of possibilities. From this list determine which occupations allow you to best utilize your strengths. Which of these jobs can you see yourself going to each day? What jobs really interest you? Job satisfaction is in the eye of the beholder.

For example, if your passion in life is organizing, being an admin person may appeal to you. Joining a Travel or Outdoor Trekking Company could be tempting to someone who likes to travel, see the country, and meet new people. Software development can be ideal for someone who loves the challenge of taking a new concept and turning it into a successful product. Only you know where your passion resides. Don’t listen to what others say and think you should be. Had I listened to others, I would have gone to medical school to become a doctor. But, I get woozy at the sight of blood and medical instruments!

I don’t think I would have lasted too long in medical school. Medicine is not my passion. Decide what interests you. There are millions of ways to earn a buck. People who like their jobs tend to live longer and happier lives than those who detest going to work each day. Job stress causes people to lose sleep and lead unhealthy lifestyles. When I am under pressure or frustrated, often that unhappiness manifests itself into illness. My worst maladies have always coincided with times I was most stressed about my job.

Typically, people who constantly complain about their jobs don’t feel in control of their own destiny. Often, they will stay in jobs they dislike their entire lives because they feel that every job will lead to dissatisfaction. Don’t let that become your  reality. It is possible to enjoy going to work each day when you choose an occupation that is in alignment with your passions and pleasures.

I enjoy work time almost more than my leisure time because I love helping and interacting with other people, and I thrive on competition and the thrill of the ride. I have worked in situations I hated and that’s why I quit those jobs. Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy. So, clear your mind and think about the following questions:

What jobs allow you to best capitalize on your core strengths and unique selling points?

 If you could do any occupation in the world, what would you choose?

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