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Identify Your Core Strengths and Competencies For A Successful & Long Career

Losing a job or searching for a new position can be frustrating. It can be especially difficult if you have the pressures of unpaid bills, supporting loved ones, or dealing with an unbearable boss. It can certainly be tempting to just jump into the job hunt and put the misery behind you or to just dive into the help-wanted ads and mail off resumes.
However, before you do so, it is important to take a step back to assess your strengths, capabilities, and talents. Then, determine what it is you really want to accomplish and do for a living.
Create a Solid Foundation
The best way to jumpstart your job search is to first identify your core strengths and competencies—what you are good at. You will be amazed at how proud of yourself and more confident in your abilities and opportunities you become when you take the time to acknowledge your positives. These core strengths and competencies are the foundation on which your job hunt is built.
Knowing Your Strengths Helps Focus Your Job Hunt
When you know what you are good at, it helps you focus your job hunt on those jobs you are most likely able to get. Unfortunately, even the best sometimes forget to do this. Ever heard of the basketball player Michael Jordan? After winning three championships in the early 1990s, he decided to retire from basketball to try baseball and golf. Because he was a tremendous athlete, Michael was confident he could succeed at these other sports, too.
As it turned out, Michael didn’t perform nearly as well in those sports as he did in basketball. Fortunately, he realized this and returned to basketball, where his talents were most aligned. He went on to win several more championships and to conquer many more milestones. Unless you have the financial resources of Michael Jordan, it is best to focus your job hunt on those positions in which you have a talent and expertise,  and would best succeed.
Insider Tips
1. During your interviews, more than 80 percent of the time you will be asked, “What are some of your greatest strengths?” By articulating your strengths and competencies now, you will be much more prepared when asked this question in your next interview.
2. During your interviews, most likely you will be asked, “Why did you choose this occupation?” By articulating your strengths and competencies, you have a strong foundation on which to answer this question.
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