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Why Limiting Your Focus Can Help You Find The Job You Want

I am sure there are scores of jobs you are capable of doing, but what do you really want to do. Now is the time to narrow your focus down to one or two jobs that you really want to do for a living.

Focus on One or Two Types of Jobs

I suggest only trying to focus on one or two types of occupations (not one or two companies) that you want to work at, such as customer service and sales, or technical support and network management. It is difficult enough to be passionate about just one position at a time, let alone multiple ones. Expanding your scope beyond two is nearly impossible.

You will be competing against candidates who know exactly what they want to do for a living. They are going to be very good at articulating why they should be hired. If your concentration is too diluted, you won’t have a chance when in competition with those who are more focused.

Interviewers aren’t stupid; they can tell right away who is passionate about an opportunity versus who is interviewing just to find a job that’ll pay the bills. Interviewers want someone with passion that will put everything they have into the job and hopefully stay with a company for years. Most managers hate turnover and lethargy.

Exercise : Define Your Ideal Job

One of the best ways to limit the focus of your job hunt is to use a methodology that considers the 10 elements of job satisfaction. I have used this process throughout my career to determine what I really wanted to do for a living. Once you go through this process and consider these key elements, you will be much more focused throughout your job search.

The 10 Elements of Job Satisfaction

1. Occupation.

2. Industry.

3. Company.

4. Career path.

5. Structure.

6. Hours.

7. Travel.

8. Environment.

9. Location.

10. Compensation and benefits.

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