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Why You Must Define the Job You Really Want

So you know your strengths and competencies. Great! You should have a good idea of the jobs you can get. But what type of career do you really want? Defining the job you want is one of the most important secrets to a successful job search. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how are you going to get it? Recently, I volunteered to critique resumes at a job fair. Out of the almost 100 people, I would say at least 40 had absolutely no idea what they wanted to do for a living and couldn’t articulate why someone should hire them. In looking at their resumes, I had to ask questions such as, “What kind of job do you want?” and “What message are you trying to convey?”

In just 15 seconds, I could ascertain that many of these people had no focus or direction. My response was, “If you don’t know what you want or what you are good at, how is an interviewer supposed to know?” You can’t expect other people to be able to figure this out for you. You have to come to your own conclusions. It is up to you to tell them.

Your Ideal Job

Sadly, most people believe there is no such thing as an ideal job. These folks never take the time to define their ultimate position, and then they wonder why they can’t ever find a job they can enjoy.

In fact, the reason so many people have difficulty finding overall happiness in life is that they never take the time to define what they need and want in life in order to be happy. If you don’t make the time to define the traits and attributes of your ideal job,  boss, and life, you are destined to a life of mediocrity.

Causes of Job Dissatisfaction

Most people dislike their current jobs because they accepted positions just to earn a buck, rather than those in alignment with their personal interests, skills, passions, values. They can do these jobs but lack the motivation and desire to do their jobs well, and as a result, they wind up unhappy and are often fired. Have you ever taken the time to define your ideal job? If not, you should! Investing the time to define your ideal job will be one of the wisest investments you will ever make.

Including commuting time (on average, upwards to one hour each way) and actual work (usually eight hours a day), most people spend approximately 50 hours a week working. Because the average person sleeps around 56 hours a week, they consume 106 hours a week working and sleeping. There are only 168 hours in a week. That leaves only 62 hours a week of “free” time. Hmmm…50 hours on work…62 hours for pleasure. You spend almost half of your waking hours working and commuting!

If you don’t enjoy your occupation, the stress, frustration, and lack of fulfillment is going to negatively impact the other facets of your life outside the job. It is critical to have a job that you can enjoy versus a job that just pays the bills. The most important aspects of my life are health, love, family, friends, and spirituality— and then my job. But if my job is not enjoyable, that negatively impacts everything else. Feelings such as jealousy, embarrassment, lethargy, and frustration take over my thoughts when I am not doing something I enjoy. Consequently, throughout my career I’ve always tried to choose professions where I could look forward to work as much as I do leisure. It’s very important to me that I have a job I can be proud of. Right or wrong, we often derive our well-being and self worth from our occupations. These evaluations do not have to be related to money. The ultimate satisfaction is doing work that you enjoy and is in alignment with your goals, beliefs, and desired lifestyle.

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