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Why You Must Separate Yourself From the Competition

One of the beauties of life is that we are all unique. Each of us has positives  and  negatives. I have yet to meet a perfect person, but, I have yet to meet someone who didn’t have numerous redeeming factors. The key is to use your positives to your advantage. In job interviewing, it is your core strengths and competencies, along  with  your personality and appearance that ultimately differentiate you from your competition.
Identifying your core strengths is like reading a fuel meter in a car. When driving, the more gas you have, the further you can  travel. Similarly, the more skills and experience you have accumulated throughout your career, the further you can go in  your work-related endeavors.
When you review your strengths, be honest with yourself. It will help you identify those positions you realistically can  consider. For example, if you have just graduated from college, it would be pretty difficult to get a position as vice president.  However, if you have been in the workforce for many years and have significant management experience, perhaps the  position  is more realistic.
In your career, just as in driving, you can always put more gas in your tank and travel further. The key is to determine your  destination and draw a road map (plan) of how to get there. Each job you hold and degree you attain along the way, in  conjunction with the knowledge and experience you gain, serves as more fuel for your career.
To see how far you can realistically travel at this point in your career, assess your core strengths and competencies. You will  be able to identify the jobs that you want, as well as those that you have the best opportunity to get. Everyone has unique  strengths.

Identify yours so you can focus your efforts where you are most likely to get hired.

Sonal Aurora is director and co-founder of one of the Top 10 Executive Search Firms in India. Perfman HR is a premier HR Consulting & Recruitment Company Founded in Mumbai, India. We are an inventive and dynamic Human Resource Company specializing in Executive Search, Performance Management, Assessments, Recruitments, Training, Learning & HR Solutions.

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