Financial Management

As the role of the finance function in corporate decision-making becomes ever-increasingly important, so the demands on finance leaders are rising.

The role of the CFO and structure of the finance department is rapidly changing in response to the increasing responsibilities in determining corporate strategy, evaluating risks and ensuring value creation. The focus on governance and financial integrity has ensured that the need for technical competence has remained paramount. The focus placed on commercial partnership means that a new breed of finance officer is required.

The search professionals of Perfman HR provide a wealth of experience in assisting clients to redefine the role of their Financial Officers and to identify and recruit the talent they need. The new CFO is a major player, involved in line activities and long-range planning, using financial technologies for more challenging analytical tasks, and is integrally involved in boosting revenues. Finding financial executives who can deliver this, while presenting compatibility in experience and personality with each individual client is what Perfman HR excels at.

Corporations expect more and more leadership ability in their financial officers. Financial executives must demonstrate experience with the dynamics of the financial markets and be innovators in that market as well. She/he must be a strategic planner, a problem solver and an innovative leader. These people are not easy to find, but Perfman HR‘s financial management experts have 30 years’ experience and an exceptional track record, to deliver successful senior financial appointments across all leading industry sectors.

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