IT Management

Today’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) play a vital role in the creation of the firm’s strategic plan and in articulating how technology can enable business strategies. Internet; high speed wireless digital connections; media/data convergence; multi-channel connectivity to customers; vast relational databases and analytics have all made the IT function a critical aspect of any firm’s success.

At Perfman HR, our experienced IT search professionals understand these roles. With CIO’s, we are looking for a business leader first, and a technologist second – someone able to manage technology in pursuit of the organization’s success. The CTO has an equally demanding role, managing innovation, anticipating trends and delivering to budget.

Perfman HR‘s global search professionals identify and recruit senior IT leadership teams, across all industry sectors and for all sizes and types of corporation and public entity. Our clients include Fortune 1000 global corporations and early stage, venture backed start-ups. We find exceptional individuals who can meet the current and future needs of our clients. We will match expertise in e-business, digital security, ERP /supply chain, shared services, knowledge management, data warehouse solutions or whatever the evolving role requires. Finally, we ensure a good personality and lifestyle fit to achieve successful, long-term appointments.

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