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Having a Board of Directors that is accomplished, strong and effective is highly important if the companies of today are going to thrive and excel into the future. At Perfman HR, we can be trusted to consult and advise organisations both big and small to grow and improve upon the image and brand of a company and help the board better it’s performance.

Times have changed and a Director on a board is not just seen as a figurehead who sits on the board only to gain prestige and have a supervisory role if any. In today’s world, being amongst the board of directors means abandoning the passive role of yesteryears and being personally engaged, taking responsibility and grooming senior executives.  Companies today require the board of directors to be approachable and take on their demands of their position with full responsibility and dedication in order to make a positive impact on the company and on society at large.

  • CEO Search
    Based on the criteria given to us by the client, we ensure that an ideal CEO’s profile is created which is used as the benchmark for the search and assessment methods to follow. Further benchmarking processes include comparisons to best-performing CEO’s in the same sector as well as highlighting every potential candidate’s potential for success based on proven success traits.
  • CEO Succession
    Selecting a CEO is a long and arduous process fraught with exciting possibilities and challenges. Companies today are very clear about the skills and qualities they demand of a CEO. We start the search for CEO’s based on immediate and near term objectives. We also work long term and help improve the bench strength ensuring a wide pool of successors are available in any eventuality.


We take a realistic and hard-headed approach in figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of a board and help to take remedial steps in the present in order to preempt the likelihood of leadership gaps developing in the future.
Perfman HR has worked successfully with Fortune 1000 to venture-funded start-up companies, redefining and reshaping the critical function of today’s most effective boards across all industry sectors. Our search professionals know the executive landscape, understand the challenges and successfully help to assemble cohesive, effective boards, efficiently and in confidence.


Our board assessment tools help you to successfully understand the process and at the same time efficiently utilize the existing board’s time.
  • Leadership
  • Precision of Roles
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Reaching Conclusions
  • Communication
  • Board Operations