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The Indian startup system has matured and come of age driven by factors such as availability of funding, consolidation by a number of firms, continuously evolving technologies and a huge demand within the domestic market. The number of startups being incubated in India’s tech centers of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Gurgaon is staggeringly high. Startups are challenging and disrupting old business models and changing the way the markets work in India today.

India – The Last Frontier

Consumer growth backed by the mobile revolution has attracted a large number of global private equity and hedge funds to India, many of whom have made successful and profitable exits. Startups are ushering in a new era of dynamism, new ways of thinking and creating more jobs in the Indian economy. A thriving under-prenetrated consumer-driven market needs talented execution professionals to deliver the promise of the start-up founders and to ensure exponential growth. Perfman HR is poised to provide key talent to India’s start-ups in crucial areas.


Investor’s Delight

Despite the multitude of operational, regulatory and taxation issues that surround the business environment and due to China being out of bounds, India offers the largest pie of investment opportunity that the world is eyeing.

Hiring Company Startups


The issues that need to be addressed though is the unorganised and fragmented Indian market, lack of clear policy initiatives, lack of infrastructure, lack of knowledge & exposure and complications in doing business.

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Expert Hiring

Founders are good at identifying a potentially scalable product / service idea for a target market. But before it hits the market, experienced heads need to execute the founder’s vision and translate it into reality.

Fill Your Talent Gaps

Efficiency and scale of a business model where the management begins to define the business model and look for ways to increase customer base is heavily dependent on strategy and USP of the product or service. Pushing the growth of the business aggressively while increasing the startup’s capacity to grow in a sustainable manner requires agile and experienced business minds who have the knowledge and experience to steer the company to it’s stated goals.

Effective operational management is crucial for early stage startups as well as those who have proceeded to B & C Stage of venture funding. We help startups set up process and system development, manage business performance and help create strategy and organisation. Either through outsourced HR functions or by setting up teams, we help startups plan and budget, retain customers and create brand loyalty and ultimately reach product profitability.

India’s consumer behaviour requires special skill-sets to sell a product or service idea. The behaviour of Indian consumers changes every 50 km and Indians have varied cultures and tastes. Thus selling a new product or service may require the experience of professionals from other industries who understand the market complexities. Because of our wide industry experience & practices we have the ability to precisely place relevant candidates.

Our Strength Sectors:

  • E-commerce
  • B2B
  • Consumer Internet
  • Mobile Apps
  • Engineering
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Others

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