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At Perfman HR, we realise the urgent need for finding the leaders of tomorrow who can not only effectively steer a ship through choppy waters but also keep the gaze towards a future where the future is at once uncertain but also offers a hope of limitless possibilities.

We know that it is not enough to just hire candidates based on their past abilities and proven experience. One needs to choose and select executives who thrive and excel in specific roles and situations and who possess a deep knowledge and insights about industries apart from possessing excellent contacts and a sense of judgement that is in sync with the values and ethos the company. At Perfman HR, we are proud to say that within a short span of time, we have established our reputation as experts who combine industry-specific and functional knowledge with a knack for finding the best managers and visionary leaders who have gone on to build successful teams and in the process have created exceptional value for internal as well as external stakeholders.

  • Deep Insights of Indian Business
    It is a fact that success in finding the right candidate boils down to one crucial factor – being in sync with local businesses and markets. We are proud to say that we are not a global business but we pride ourselves on being a truly Indian local business. Our empowered professionals have a thorough understanding of Indian businesses, Indian people and the Indian way of doing things. Which is what gives us the ultimate edge over a foreign search firm.
  • Industry Specialization
    Having worked with a few but important Indian industries over the last decade, we have developed industry wide networks and insider-knowledge that not just skims the surface but is deep enough for us to become the defacto leader for executive search in that particular industry. Whether it be pan-Indian talent or leaders for the APAC region, our consultants have industry-wide expertise and stay abreast of the latest national and international trends.


No one knows more about the media, consumer products and retail sector better than us. We help national and multi-national companies drive predictable revenue and profitability growth by meeting their search requirements.
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Our Search pROCESSES

Our clients inform us we are unique for a variety of reasons including:
  • Approachable  – Hands on partnership.
  • Precise Understanding – Understanding of Needs
  • Talent Identification – Large pool of executive talent.
  • Mapping – Intensive research targeting top performers
  • Presentation – Exact profiling of candidates.
  • Background Assessment – Thorough assessment of candidates.
  • Placement – After placement support.