Hiring CFO Finance Controllers Mumbai

Win The War For The Right Talent

Most firms in India are in dire need of Financial leaders who have a deep understanding of their market, display long term vision and have the interpersonal, finance and strategy skills to develop strong relationships to all stakeholders and decision makers within a company. They also have to possess the rare ability to inspire and retain top talent from the world of finance and at the same time navigate a tightrope between maintaining a statusquo on key relationships while at the same time remain true to their professional duties.

CFO’s today have to be excited and engaged in the areas of development and other new challenges they may face. They also need to have a proactive approach to solving and developing fixes to issues and have the adaptability and willingness to tackle new challenges that inevitably arise in a changing environment. We are well networked in the financial community and have wide experience in the recruitment of senior financial talent.

 If you are looking for a CFO for your company, you can rest assured that you are hiring the services of a search firm that has successfully conducted CFO level searches for MNC’s for regional and group head levels.

  • Eye on Collaboration
    Guided by our experience in selecting the best performing financial officers, we lay special emphasis on selecting financial officers and CFO’s who have a track record of assisting CEO’s in the implementation of business strategy and new initiatives.
  • Wide Expertise
    Typically the best performing CFO’s and top level financial officers will have handled diverse portfolios ranging from compliance to planning & analysis, investor relations, financial reporting & asset management.
  • Diverse Experience
    The road to becoming an accomplished and versatile CFO are diverse and we at Perfman HR take great care to select candidates who have had a wide variety of background and area of expertise right from P & L to working in global markets.

We have placed CFO's in:

Media 90%
Technology 80%
Retail 70%
BFSI 25%
SME's 50%