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The promise of reaching and engaging a billion-strong and diverse Indian customer base is now becoming a distinct reality thanks to the exploding number of people who are getting connected to the internet. Thanks to increasing incomes, growing literacy and a higher disposable income, Indians are hungry for content and the numbers prove it. Powered by digital technologies and growth in broadband access, smart phones and digital content, Indian media is poised to see it’s best days yet in the years to come.

Digitalization of Content

Digitalization of content distribution in the entertainment and advertising industry has brought in more sustainable and profitable business models across the media sectors. Media professionals who understand the new mediums of content consumption are driving growth in companies who are digitalizing their businesses and helping spur end-user spending and transparency across the industry. Media executives who understand the new media viz. most notably internet advertising, Video & Music Streaming & online gaming are in high demand.

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Traditional Media

Though tech futurists prophesize the winding down of traditional media, India still remains one of the world’s few remaining growth markets for ‘traditional’ media evidenced by the growth in TV audiences, radio listenership and footfalls in theatres.

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Regional Markets

Regional markets continue as key centers of growth in both traditional and digital as advertisers see high growth in content consumption from key regional markets. Hiring talent for regional content is a niche but crucial activity.

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On the Go

Media in India is now increasingly consumed out of home and live music events / festivals attract and engage large audiences. Increased consumption of content on-the-go via mobile is driving advertising revenues for this segment.

Fill Your Talent Gaps

As media and entertainment companies engage consumers through more targeted offerings, innovative pricing models better quality of production, the media & entertainment sector in India has always faced a short supply in filling top positions in creative, technical and business due of the relatively recent maturity of the Indian media industry. With the huge growth in Digital content led by companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and with sectors like Bollywood & Regional Films, animation, gaming & VFX booming, the demand for qualified talent is only escalating.

The Indian media industry faces a great talent crunch across sectors. As digitalization becomes more pervasive and convergent with the growth of multilingual markets additional skill sets are required. We have successfully filled the gaps in the space by bringing in professionals from other industry backgrounds most notably from advertising and FMCG. As a recruiting partner to some of India’s top national and multinational media companies, we have been a critical ally in bridging the talent gaps in organisations who are growing at breackneck speed.

The tough economic climate of recent years have forced many media companies to cut costs without compromising on the quality of their content. In the current as well as future scenarios, companies are investing in building strong leadership teams while at the same time reducing headcount. Though availability of talent in the media across sectors remains a challenge, our industry practice experts have mapped the quality talent pool that available in the market. We thus ensure that your key positions are filled up by the right talent.

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